Slow travellers may miss a flight, but don’t make a fuss about it

Claudio Mastroianni
A tradition italian gay guy. Loves to travel, but with no fuss please.
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NOT TRUE. Slow traveller hate missing a flight. Or at least I hate to miss my flights: it’s already happened two times in my life, and that’s too much.

But shit happens, even to the best ones. Think about a poor street-smart guy – well used to travelling and flying – who checked and checked and checked repeatedly his flight departure hour for days and days, well sure it was at 5.55 PM. And then BOOM!, someone somehow somewhen for some reason counterfeited the paper the street-smart guy had printed himself, changing the departure hour to 4.55 PM.

You can run as fast as you can, but in New York a traffic jam when you’re already late isn’t it ironic?

That’s why I write this post from Amsterdam. Say hello to Amsterdam, boys and girls (and then, on one of the next posts, we’ll talk about how stupid the wifi in the Airport of Amsterdam is.