San Franciscans love it small

Claudio Mastroianni
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Ok, let’s admit it: working in the Automotive Publishing Industry, I grew up with a trained eye for cars&scooters culture in every Country I visit.

I think it’s a work-related illness. Really. Somebody should pay for it.

A Fiat 500 in San Francisco

All the same, is it just a San Francisco thing or FIAT and Vespa vehicles are really sold in the USA?

Everybody in Italy is taking that as a myth some marketing man is telling us to say “Hey, our economy is not so bad! We do export!”.

In these few days in the city, I’ve met a handful of FIATs (500 mostly, but 500L too) and few Vespas too. It’s like these models are very hip on these strange times, right?

Well, I have to say that all those Fiat 500s suit the franciscan attitude very well.

It’s like this city is the Barcelona of the United States, in some way. All these hipsters and hippies walking down the street, under the sun, with their slim jeans and wide sunglasses, often biking, mostly biking. Always biking.

They should look at these strange little vehicles like Pandas, or other similar endangered species.

And man, the people of San Francisco DO love environmental causes.

But in the end, I’m quite happy of it. It feels like home to watch those autos sprinting through the streets or parked sideways.

And I, too, am a short, little, quite resourceful italian product. So if someone would buy me and import me in the Sates, I wouldn’t bother at all.