Berlin, First Impact

Claudio Mastroianni
A tradition italian gay guy. Loves to travel, but with no fuss please.
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Having been in Berlin for two days in 2002 doesn’t count, really.

Berlin is such a fast-paced changing city that it transforms completely in two years. Try and guess how it might have been changed in more than TEN years.

So, this is kinda like it’s the first time I come and visit the city.

And I have to say: I love the vibe. Clearly, this is something you may have heard over and over again: Berlin is a thriving city, culturally active – and sexually active, maybe even too much – but at the same time full, FULL of history.

So it’s kinda amazing walking through Friedrichshein and its kinda-communist architecture, and then arrive in 15 minutes (more or less) in AlexanderPlatz.

Nine days should be enough to understand how to live this city.

I started slowly, as always, by taking a walk, eating a bratwurst and sleeping a lot. Yeah. Brapidus in town.