cropped-grande.jpgClaudio Mastroianni is an italian cutie based in Milan, Italy. He travels, sometime. Not a lot, not a little: the right amount. Moreover, he’s delighted to discover new places that everyone else in the world has already visited.

He enjoys walking through a city, wandering in the streets without a mindmap of scheduled place to visit.

Loves food, bookshops, bars. Not much into museums or turistic landscapes.

You can find him on the web under the nickname of “Gatto Nero”. Once a blogger, you can now follow him on Twitter (gattonero, italian language, often updated; mastroianni_c, english language, quite never updated), on Tumblr (, mostly IT, updated now and then;, photographic, very-very-updated).

You can write to me, chat with him, insult him and do whatever you want.

Oh, of course: he’s single. Noone likes to date someone who speaks of himself with third person.